Ultimate Fishing

The only fishing mod you’ll ever need.



The only fishing mod you’ll ever need with in-game options as you can see on the screenshots.

Click on the modifications button in the main menu of the game, enable the mod and click on the “…” button to access the options.

You can choose from the following options:

Fishing Speed: Slow, Default, Fast, Faster

Fish Carry Weight: Very Low, Low, Default, High

Max. Workers: One, Two, Default, Four, Five

Building Capacity: Low, Default, High, Very High

Fishing Radius: Small, Default, Huge, Ultra

Building Damage: On, Off

If you need more options, simply let me know.


Extract folder to Steam/steamapps/common/Life is Feudal Forest Village/mods/.

Should look like this: steam/steamapps/common/Life is Feudal Forest Village/mods/985647584


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Changelog: v1.1.000

Added a new option “Fishing Radius”.
You can now choose between “Small: 15, Default: 30, Huge: 50, Ultra: 100”.
The higher the radius the more fish you can acquire in the same time.

Added a new icon as the mod image. Visible in the modification in-game menu.

Changelog: v1.0.000


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